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A healthy industrial basis is the foundation for the successful future of a business location. The Federation of Austrian Industries (IV), a voluntary interest group, represents more than 4,200 members from manufacturing, banking, infrastructure and industry-related services.

We shape the framework conditions in Austria and Europe and take responsibility: for our companies and their employees, for the development of society. Industry is THE driving force of employment growth. Industry directly and indirectly employs more than 2.4 million people, thus securing two out of three jobs in Austria. 

Industry plays a crucial role when it comes to securing the future of Austria’s economy. 45 per cent of research and development expenditure come from the industrial sector. A further annual 1.2 billion euro is invested in the protection of our environment. Regular investments in the preservation, restoration and expansion of production facilities support our economy’s profitability and competitiveness, thus creating and securing employment and prosperity in Austria

For all these reasons companies need the right framework conditions in Austria and Europe. To create these conditions the Federation of Austrian Industries works on a federal level, in its Brussels office, in 18 specialist groups as well as nine national organisations. All these offices are run by elected, voluntary officials as well as full-time employees – with a clear objective: 

For a strong, competitive and future-oriented industrial location!



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