IV: Performance and Responsibility

The Federation of Austrian Industries (IV) is a voluntary body representing the interests of the Austrian industry and currently comprises about 4,200 members.

The central goal of the Federation of Austrian Industries (Industriellenvereinigung - IV) is to advocate for its members both in Austria and at a European level in a targeted and sustainable manner.

The Federation's motto is "Performance and Responsibility". This reflects our efforts to promote an environment of growth, employment and prosperity in Austria and in Europe.

The Federation of Austrian Industries is run by a small team of staff and senior executives serving on a voluntary basis. Its structure comprises nine independent regional groups, a central organisation at federal level and a European office in Brussels, established in 1988.


The most important areas of operation, topics and initiatives at a glance

The Federation of Austrian Industries is making every effort to represent the interests of its members both in Austria and at a European level and to contribute towards strengthening Austria and Europe as attractive locations for business and industry.

Overview of topics 2013/14

Tax structure reform, reducing additional labour costs

  • Reducing the tax ratio
  • Noticeable reduction of labour-related costs with the help of a new income tax rate and a substantial reduction of additional labour costs
  • Simplification by eliminating exceptions and trifling taxes
  • Competitive corporate and energy taxation
  • Ambitious structural reforms on the expenditure side
  • Modifying consumption and land tax 

Modernising the world of work

  • Flexibilising the labour market
  • Promoting the flexibilisation of working hours
  • Strengthening the integration of senior employees in the labour market 

Improving education - securing a future of skilled workers

  • Developing the "Zukunft:Bildung" programme
  • Concepts for improved education (including a focus on MINT)
  • Modernising preschool education (Kindergarten)
  • Measures to counter skilled worker shortages
  • Ensuring quality and quantity in the development of higher education 

(Co)creating European politics 

  •  Post-2020 EU-energy and climate policy (Legislative Packet 2030)
  • EURO-stability policy - economic policy integration
  • Securing the highly successful dual education system in Europe (Jobs4Youth - Skills4Companies)
  • Guaranteeing regional aid for larger companies

Expediting industrial policy

  • Using the raw material alliance as a framework to guarantee resource security.
  • Using industrial process heat more efficiently | Cogeneration
  • Energy efficiency as the key to a sustainable energy supply
  • New energy efficiency technologies | Green Technology
  • Safeguarding Austria and Europe as business locations for energy-intensive industries 

Laying the foundations for a modern infrastructure

  • Efficient high-speed networks (mobile and fixed networks)
  • Concepts for public and private transport
  • Railway and multi-modal use of infrastructure 

Strengthening the capital market

  • Improving the framework conditions for Austria as a financial location
  • Enforcement - establishing an independent office as a first authority for financial reporting
  • Developing an improved capital market culture and creating awareness for its concerns
  • Sensible | appropriate configuration of the financial transaction tax
  • Safeguarding liquidity as well as alternative financing concepts for companies
  • Unambiguous disclosure requirements for listed companies  

Promoting innovation

  • Implementing the RTI-strategy
  • Making the promotion and funding of research appealing
  • Supporting innovative foundations 

Promoting budget consolidation, modernising the legal framework and reducing bureaucracy

  • Creating budgetary scope for investments in the future
  • Improving the budgetary framework for regional authorities on all levels
  • Ensuring transparent legal framework conditions for companies
  • Modernising and making public administration more customer-friendly
  • Ascertaining subsequent costs of legislative projects
  • Advancing and promoting measures to increase the efficiency of subsidies and in Administration 

Guaranteeing the sustainability of the retirement system and taking on structural reforms

  • Expediting the transition to a defined contribution system
  • Implementing sustainability mechanisms in the retirement system o Establishing actuarially correct incentives o Advancing efficiency in the health care system

Forward looking social change

  • Initiating a new immigration concept and optimising the RWR card
  • Educational concept: qualification and integration
  • Reconciling career and family
  • Promoting and advertising corporate social responsibility

 Making Austria more attractive as a headquarter location

  • Positioning Austria as a location for leading companies
  • Improving the international holding location Austria
  • Creating public awareness for the requirements and concerns of leading companies
  • Simplifying legal and administrative conditions  

Developing future markets

  • Establishing Austria as a hub for growth markets
  • Improving the framework conditions for exports to BRICS countries
  • Strengthening political alliances and intensifying economic connections with CEE markets
  • Increasing Europe's appeal for Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs)  


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